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How to decide whether to scrap or sell your car

Saying goodbye to a vehicle you might’ve owned for years can be tricky, and deciding where it should go next is difficult if there are many issues with the functionality of the vehicle.

Of course, there are benefits to both selling and scrapping. Here’s some information to help you decide on what might be best for you:


When it comes to selling your car, of course, the main thought you might have is ‘How much will I get for it?’. Selling a car purely depends on the amount of money a buyer is willing to pay.

There are many online platforms on which you can sell your car for free these days, so if the car has mechanical issues, you’re probably better off using a free website or online auction site rather than paying someone to sell it for you and ultimately eating into your profits. It’s good to be upfront and honest about the car, especially when it comes to mileage and repair history.

Bear in mind that selling takes a lot of time and effort. If your vehicle needs substantial work done to it or hasn’t passed its MOT it might take longer to sell.

Be aware that some buyers will also try and negotiate, so what you might have in mind for your vehicle might not be what buyers are necessarily willing to spend.


It can be tricky to sell a car if it is deemed unroadworthy or if it has mechanical issues preventing it from running before being seen by a professional.

Having the vehicle scrapped ultimately takes the responsibility off your hands. Perhaps your car has been sat on the road or on a driveway while you debate what to do with it? Perhaps you’ve spent weeks trying to sell it?

A reliable scrapping company takes the responsibility and stress of selling your vehicle away.

Scrapping is also a good way to turn your disused vehicle into easy cash. Most scrap yards will offer you a very reasonable price, and will also pick it up from you.

With a reliable car recycling company, you can rest assured that your car is disposed of in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

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